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About Felicia

Outrageously bucking labels and boxes, Felicia McMinn is not just your average  musical artist.   

McMinn’s raspy voice and distinctive edge, combined with her malleable personal  and musical expression, defy societal norms.  As if without effort, she is at once  representative of so many identities, and the result is nothing short of arresting. 

Hailing from Port Dover Ontario, Canada, McMinn’s gender fluidity make her an  intriguing, magnetic, and relatable artist.  “Without music to turn to and use as an  outlet, my life would have taken me down a very different, ominous road [than  where it has otherwise led me],” McMinn confesses.  Writing and composing her  own music as a teen elevated her from the ashes of torment and anguish, giving her  a sense of courage:  “[it] allowed me to believe I was untouchable.  That I could no  longer be hurt, bullied, or abused.” 

McMinn’s professional odyssey began when she hung up her competitive figure  skates.  Choosing to slay vocals and guitar over skating, McMinn embarked on what  would become a tumultuous voyage with her much older then-boyfriend.  The two  formed the band Satin, touring Southwestern and Northern Ontario for five years  before imploding. 

However, tenacious and newly-single McMinn didn’t take Satin’s disbandment laying  down.  Within the same week of its dissolution, the relentless twenty-two year old  had resurrected herself to form and front the bands Lazy Hamma and Limestone.  

Having honed her presence as a frontwoman, McMinn crystalized herself as a  striking solo artist.  Occasionally backed by her band The Felicia McMinn Band,  McMinn continues to evolve with her raw, relatable, soulful, and comedic flair.  Over  the years, her charismatic talent has provided her the honour and pleasure of  stage-sharing with such notables as Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, Alan Frew of Glass  Tiger, David Wilcox, Helix, Bobnoxious, The Mudmen, Derek Miller, and Sarah Smith. 

Routinely touring Canada, the US, and parts of Costa Rica, McMinn endeavours to  inspire, entertain, challenge, and connect.  Her creative genius is birthed from stories  of the rollercoaster that is life.  Though she’s a veteran to the music scene, McMinn’s  innovative spark is ascending into new levels, and this at-once engaging and  enigmatic artist is just getting warmed up! 


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